Monday, November 26, 2007


Emergency announcement:

Twiggy to be replaced by Paulina Porizkova as a judge in cycle 10 of America's Next Top Mode

Booooo. I kinda liked Twiggy. Sure she didn't make sense sometimes and yes her frequent pigtails were beyond annoying but come on its Twiggy! As the "hall of fame" model on the panel she bought way more credibility than Janice Dickinson whose face appeared to melt before our eyes and was the only member of the panel whose sexuality or gender identity has never been in questions (come on folks Tyra is one false eyelash away from being the prettiest drag queen ever).

I'll miss her cockney accent exclaiming how "beautiful" and "awful" things are and also the look of confusion on her face whenever Ms. J makes an off color black joke.

Paulina you have some big shoes to fill.

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