Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go Falcon, Go! T-Shirt

So by now you have heard of this kid floating around in the silver bubble (fingers crossed that the poor kid's okay).

What you perhaps haven't heard is that some intrepid person has already created a commemorative T-Shirt, within a few hours of the event.


Here's hoping that this story has a happy ending so we can all get started on our Falcon Bubble Halloween Costume.

As I Continue to Fall In Love With Aziz

He totally left out the salacious parts of that Kanye club story but I forgive him

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are


I never read this story as a child so I have no sentimental value attached to it. Having read it as an adult, I am interested to see how Spike Jonze translates 10 pages of sparse text into a feature film.

Has anyone out there been to advanced screenings? What are your thoughts?

R.Kelly Has No Concept of Shame

After revealing his penchant for urophilia.

After revealing he can't read or write gud.

Robert Kelly takes the next step in being painfully unaware of how ridiculous (in the bad way) he is by sharing this gem:

Oh Robert...

I'm Considering Breaking Up With the Internet

Primarily because of this.....

Dude, Where’s My Bar?” an innovative online narrative game for consumers to help solve the mystery surrounding the October 2 theft of Green’s vintage Butterfinger bar. The “lite” alternate reality game starring Seth Green will call upon the clever, irreverent thinking of Butterfinger fans, as they compete to find and solve clues that could lead to the return of Green’s missing bar and a one-of-a-kind grand prize: a solid-gold Butterfinger bar worth $10,000.(Source)



Enough with the viral videos and the "lite" ARG. This is neither interesting or engaging and contains two brands (Butterfinger and Seth Green) that separately don't hold significant cultural cache and together don't really make sense. And the title "Dude Where's My Bar" recalls the film with the almost identical title and honestly who wants to be associated with shitty Ashton Kutcher film?

I tried to do some research on Threshold Interactive the agency that created it but their site is down on the day of the big product launch. I'm sure they do great work (I'm sure...) but this made me want to punch my monitor.