Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brooklynites Just Got A Get Out of Jail Free Card

Do you have a brother, cousin boyfriend who is a dope boy in Brooklyn?

Was he arrested in October of 2006?

Good news!

The NY Times reports today that all the evidence from every narcotics arrest in Brooklyn on Oct. 20, 2006, has vanished without a trace.

"Despite an inquiry that began over a year ago, officials still cannot say whether the drugs were lost, stolen or thrown away. Investigators believe that a police officer serving as a courier took several large plastic bags of drugs as far as the laboratory. There, the trail goes cold."

I have some ideas for potential suspects:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Open Letter To The Entertainment Industry

Stop trying to convince us that Hillary Swank is beautiful. It's not working.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Most Powerful Women in Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter releases it's annual list of the 100 Most Influential Women in Hollywood.

Anne Sweeney, co-chairman, Disney Media Network comes in at number one and Oprah comes in 6th on the list. Oddly enough
this woman was left off. Go figure.

Just Because

I want to punch Keira Knightley.

She gets on my damn nerves. Every article I read about her she comes off as an obnoxious petulant child who desperately wants to position herself as a tough independent woman but instead comes of like every lame bad girl poseur walking through the malls of America (or the U.K. )

Here is a quote from her December Elle Magazine cover story:

“What really sets me off?” Knightley asks. She’s leaning forward on the edge of a couch in a stance that suggests a boxer waiting for the bell. “Anything. I mean, really anything. I’m a moody bastard. Actually, I’ve been banned from reading newspapers because the way they’re written angers me so much. If I want an opinion, then I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f--ks me off. See, I have to calm down about it.”

Seriously I think she would be in a better mood if she ate something.

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Monday, December 3, 2007


What do you think Amy smells like?

What do you think Amy smells like?
Cheese doodles and B.O.
Crack residue
Old people
All of the above

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He's back....

You may remember Andre J. from last week's "It Girl" post. For some reason I have always assumed that Andre would have a crazy deep Barry White voice. Oh was I wrong.

I wonder where he gets his hair done? He weave game could put many people to shame (Beyonce take note)

Update: Seems like Beyonce was inspired by a certain someone at Saturday's Movies Rock Event.

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Video of The Day

Ganked from Four Four.

Beyonce in all her crazy glory

Why is Everyone Jumping Ship at Gawker?

Like every New Yorker in the media industry I read Gawker religiously. Seems like they have been going through some growing pains because they have been recently experiencing major staff turn over. The latest to go are Gawker managing editor Choire Sicha and Gawker editor Emily Gould. Their departure comes months after the departure of Alex Balk and Doree Shafrir. I'm all good as Josh doesn't leave. I kind of have a thing for ginger.

Full story here.

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Update : Dammit Josh is gone too (tear). The New York Times has a piece today with more details behind the resignations. Apparently staffers were being paid based on how many times their posts are viewed.


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