Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Internet Is So Strange

Putzing around on one of my favorite websites Videogum and came across this video.

I mean, kind of funny--yet ultimately so bizarre that it's disorienting.

Also Elmo is ruined for me now.

Put this in my mouth IMMEDIATELY

Why is there no Burger King near my office???

This looks incredible. It will probably do terrible things to my insides but I still need to have it.

Serious Eats Gives the full rundown.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why January is Shaping Up to be Awesome

Hey sorry everyone, I actually had some work to do for the past couple months but I'll try my very very best to update this blog on a daily basis .

To help kick the year off I want to highlight the things that make January 2009 incredible.



Oh sweet blessed television. I welcome the return of new episodes and the premiere of new shows with open arms. Here are the ones I am most excited about:

Lost - This show is the shit and for all the people who say "Meh I don't get it," or "I really never got in to it," here is a lil tip from me. Don't tell people that. Not watching Lost makes you either terrible or stupid (you pick which you are).

Okay j/k that's harsh and silly but it is by far the best scripted drama on television (until Mad Men comes back). So if you don't watch it, I recommend you get familiar with Netflix and gear up for season 5 on the 21st.

The City - This is so fake, but you know what, I don't care. Everyone is super cute, their clothes are real purrtty and they are thin and well lit. Also being from New York I have experienced both the fancy uptown social dinner parties and the downtown hipster club scene firsthand and I can let Whitney know now that both options suck but stick with the uptown rich kids because she has a better chance of marrying well once MTV stops writing the checks.

Gossip Girl - I can not wait to meet the love child of Rufus and Lilly (P.S. I totally called this MONTHS ago). Also I hope they kill Jenny off soon. Her plot line is terrible as is her hair.

A few honorable mention TV shows: Rock of Love Bus, Tool Academy, United States of Tara


We didn't return from holiday break until the 5th, I am on vacation from the 21-23 and then we have MLK day off so there are only 15 working days this month for me. Joy.



Oh yeah...
New year, new Mad Men calendar and BEHOLD I am welcomed into the new year with this picture of Don Draper being his smarmy incredibly good-looking self.



I have neither the funds or the credentials to travel to DC for the inauguration however I greatly look forward to the 20th when President Obama enters office. I wish him all the luck in the world as he faces extreme challenges as well as astronomical expectations.

Someone's Dad

First I thought this was Montel Williams


Then I thought it was Louis Gosset Jr.


Then I realized I was wrong