Friday, November 30, 2007

Do's and Don'ts of Exposing Your Naked Pregnant Body to the World

I don't know if this actually qualifies as a "Do" but if you are going to let it all hang out here are some suggestions.

  • Natural hair and makeup
  • Muted lighting
  • Major diamonds
  • Vulnerable/ welcoming facial expression

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  • Bleached hair
  • Paint by numbers make-up
  • Cropped anything
  • "Come get some" pose

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oooh Tyra!!!

For fans of America's Next Top Model here is a bit of scandal. Jezebel has a story today proving that Tyra has had a long standing prior relationship with one of the current ANTM contestants Saleisha.

I know it's reality TV and this is all scripted and edited but it sucks to see how much of a bullshit "competition" it really is knowing that one of the leading contestants was a part of Tyra's summer camp and has has worked as a model with Tyra for years. Suspect!

Get the full story here and check out some video evidence as well.

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Photo source

Just Because

This photo makes it seem like Tom Cruise's disembodied midget shadow is haunting Katie. Resistance is futile.

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Source : Dlisted

The Cholate Rain Saga Continues

Which of Michel Jackson's bastard children would you rather be with Tay Zonday or Evan Ross?

Enjoy Tay's new remix to Chocolate Rain.

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Video of The Day

PLEASE watch this video. It's hilarous and filled with so many subtle (and not so subtle) truths.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Links of the Day

Links of the Day

The Fashion Bomb finds a cool new site for online shopping.
Che Puza?
Verizon Opens It's Network. Does that mean that anyone can get Gossip Girl updates regardless of carrier?

The R Strikes Again

People! When will you ever learn that you can't bring R-Kelly around your kids. According to the reason for the recent split between R.Kelly and his long time publicist Regina Daniels is that he was humping her 19-year-old daughter. I don't know how long it will be before I stop being amused by his outlandishness and start being offended by his frequent offenses. Check out All Hip Hop for the full story.

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Top Level Execs Fired at Ebony and Jet

I always wondered who the hell still read these magazines and Ebony's already dwindling circulation numbers must have taken a hit when they decided to put Michael Jackson on the cover (eww). But still, with BET now owned by Viacom and Essence under Time Inc. I wonder if any black owned media outlets have a chance of success.

Get the full story over at Folio.

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Just Because

I felt the need to create a list of celebrity bodies that make me uncomfortable.

I'll start with male celebs that you don't expect to be ripped with overly developed physiques.

Danny Bonaduce:
Sweet child star becomes roid-rage prone reality show flunky.
Creep factor: 7 out of 10

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Ben Stiller
Comedian who often plays the bumbling under-dog but apparently spends lots of time at the gym. Creep factor: 5 out of 10

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Carrot Top
I don't know why he is famous. His red hair, bad plastic surgery and pumped up body make him look like some sort of evil clown. Creep Factor 35 out of 10

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Video of The Day

It speaks for itself. Bask in the splendor. Also why does Snoop have a better singing voice than T-Pain?

Poor Grandma

In case you have been living under a rock, the newest Internet video sensation is an awful scat porn clip called "2 Girls 1 Cup." Yeah the clip is what it sounds -- like 2 girls one cup of poop. I don't have the stomach to watch it because it's completely revolting and I can't bear to see female degradation at such an extreme level. The video has been viewed millions of times I'm sure you can find it yourself if you are curious.

What's been really interesting is the popularity of reaction videos that have been popping up of people recording their friends reactions when they watch "2 Girls 1 Cup." (i know soo meta). Any who, here is one of the funnier 2 Girls 1 Cup reaction video courtsey of College Humor where someone subjects their poor grandma to the video.

What's On Tonight

I love TV. Sometimes I think I would rather spend quality time with my TV than my boyfriend. (Don't worry the feeling is mutual especially during football season).

Wednesday night is hands down the best night on television, filled with reality TV and trashy nighttime soap operas.

Here are my picks for tonight:

America's Next Top Model (CW 8pm EST) - I just can't stay away, even when I know its predictable, creatively edited and none of these girls have chance at actually being models but damn I love the drama and the only network television series with a cross dresser on the panel.

Gossip Girl (CW 9pm EST) - I poo pooed this show for a while but because I like cheesy mindless entertainment I couldn't resist plus Dan is super cute.

Project Runway (Bravo 10pm EST) - Heidi, Nina and Tim oh my! This is the one reality competition where the contestants have real talent and I would totally wear some of the designs.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Check out Sandra Rose for pics from the 2007 Dirty Awards for reasons 257-271 why Black Please will never rise up and overcome.


For a sample look below to see reason number 261 a person called "Lil 3 Feet." Is that a toddler with grillz?

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Just Because

It's hilarious that DeVoe of Bell Biv Devoe has a real estate company in Atlanta.



This song will definitely be played at my wedding


Rich over at Four Four finally has his top model recap up. I'm betting that Chantal or Bianca goes home this week. Check it out here.

Here is my favorite screen grab.I laughed my ass off when Lisa came out with this hair. She looks insane. Tyra you know you are wrong.

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Beauty Behind The Scenes

I admit to being a girly girl and as a part of that I make regular appointments to the spa where I am tweezed, waxed and pumiced into the well groomed version of femininity that is expected of a cosmopolitan 20-something.

While at the spa and salon I am often presented with the following thoughts.
  1. Why the hell am I spending my hard earned dollars on this? Can I just get some Nair or a home waxing kit and do this myself?
  2. Didn't I read a recent exposé somewhere on how unsanitary these places actually are?
  3. I wonder what it's like for these women to work day in and day out with the feet, armpits and lady flowers of strangers?

This week's New York Magazine cover story takes a really interesting look at that last point, with a behind the scenes look at how class and cultures collide in the beauty service industry.

You can find the full story here.

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Update: The more I look at this cover the kinkier it becomes. I think Tarantino would approve.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dreams Do Come True

Someone invented salt that tastes like bacon. This is incredible. Bacon is nature's candy so the creators of Bacon Salt are essentially my new Willy Wonkas. The best part is it's vegetarian and pork free so PETA activists, Muslims and Wilbur lovers can all enjoy.

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Someone please buy me this for Christmas.

Just Because

She is gorgeous, her baby is super cute and now that she is nursing, her boobs may be bigger than my head.

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Are we supposed to believe that this is a teen aged girl as opposed to a 35-year-old?

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Emergency announcement:

Twiggy to be replaced by Paulina Porizkova as a judge in cycle 10 of America's Next Top Mode

Booooo. I kinda liked Twiggy. Sure she didn't make sense sometimes and yes her frequent pigtails were beyond annoying but come on its Twiggy! As the "hall of fame" model on the panel she bought way more credibility than Janice Dickinson whose face appeared to melt before our eyes and was the only member of the panel whose sexuality or gender identity has never been in questions (come on folks Tyra is one false eyelash away from being the prettiest drag queen ever).

I'll miss her cockney accent exclaiming how "beautiful" and "awful" things are and also the look of confusion on her face whenever Ms. J makes an off color black joke.

Paulina you have some big shoes to fill.

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It Girl Of The Day

Feast your eyes on the fabulosity that is Andre J. He has received tons of press recently due to recent cover of French Vogue and a New York Times feature this past Sunday. Here is my favorite quote from the piece:

“I’m just expressing myself and not hurting anyone and taking myself to a place where I want to be, a place where the world is beautiful”

Gotta love the positive attitude. That bitch is FIERCE

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He does a party each Tuesday at Lotus. Claire over at The Fashion Bomb recently attended a party that Andre J. threw in NYC. Check out pics here.
He does a party every Tuesday night at Louts. Me thinks I may have to check it out this week.

UPDATE : Jezebel has a pretty lively forum discussing Andre J. with the conversation covering topics such as racism, homophobia and the fashion industry. You can read here. What do you think?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Here is a classic clip to commemorate Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Miss Dave

FIRST! (That's meant to be ironic)

Greetings to anyone who randomly stumbles onto this blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of Kim’s random mind. I know, I know it’s the end of 2007 and I am just starting a blog. How very retro and 2002 of me. And yes, I know, most people blog to feed their egos with the assumption that others care about their thoughts. So that makes me both outdated and narcissistic, but who cares because most importantly I’m bored and need an outlet for my energy—so there.

A couple things about me:

I love LOVE pop culture so if there is any sort TV, movie, gossip and music news currently floating around I probably already know about it and I am happy to share and consolidate the interesting tid-bits on this site.

I’m a New Yorker which means I am better than you. Haha just kidding. As a New Yorker I just want to warn you in advance that some of the coverage on the site may be biased towards to city that never sleeps since I am obviously disproportionately affected by events taking place here.

I am a publicist who has worked in the media industry for the past 3 and half years. I started off in magazines and now working in digital media. So if there are any industry buffs out there I’ll probably incorporate some of this coverage into the blog as well.

So that’s about all I can think of right now. It’s the middle of the work day and I may need to get something actually done this morning so I need to stop and pretend to work. So thanks for reading, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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