Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beauty Behind The Scenes

I admit to being a girly girl and as a part of that I make regular appointments to the spa where I am tweezed, waxed and pumiced into the well groomed version of femininity that is expected of a cosmopolitan 20-something.

While at the spa and salon I am often presented with the following thoughts.
  1. Why the hell am I spending my hard earned dollars on this? Can I just get some Nair or a home waxing kit and do this myself?
  2. Didn't I read a recent exposé somewhere on how unsanitary these places actually are?
  3. I wonder what it's like for these women to work day in and day out with the feet, armpits and lady flowers of strangers?

This week's New York Magazine cover story takes a really interesting look at that last point, with a behind the scenes look at how class and cultures collide in the beauty service industry.

You can find the full story here.

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Update: The more I look at this cover the kinkier it becomes. I think Tarantino would approve.

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