Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's On Tonight

I love TV. Sometimes I think I would rather spend quality time with my TV than my boyfriend. (Don't worry the feeling is mutual especially during football season).

Wednesday night is hands down the best night on television, filled with reality TV and trashy nighttime soap operas.

Here are my picks for tonight:

America's Next Top Model (CW 8pm EST) - I just can't stay away, even when I know its predictable, creatively edited and none of these girls have chance at actually being models but damn I love the drama and the only network television series with a cross dresser on the panel.

Gossip Girl (CW 9pm EST) - I poo pooed this show for a while but because I like cheesy mindless entertainment I couldn't resist plus Dan is super cute.

Project Runway (Bravo 10pm EST) - Heidi, Nina and Tim oh my! This is the one reality competition where the contestants have real talent and I would totally wear some of the designs.

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