Monday, November 26, 2007

It Girl Of The Day

Feast your eyes on the fabulosity that is Andre J. He has received tons of press recently due to recent cover of French Vogue and a New York Times feature this past Sunday. Here is my favorite quote from the piece:

“I’m just expressing myself and not hurting anyone and taking myself to a place where I want to be, a place where the world is beautiful”

Gotta love the positive attitude. That bitch is FIERCE

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He does a party each Tuesday at Lotus. Claire over at The Fashion Bomb recently attended a party that Andre J. threw in NYC. Check out pics here.
He does a party every Tuesday night at Louts. Me thinks I may have to check it out this week.

UPDATE : Jezebel has a pretty lively forum discussing Andre J. with the conversation covering topics such as racism, homophobia and the fashion industry. You can read here. What do you think?

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