Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time Inc Layoffs..Again

As the world turns and seasons change, there comes news of a new round of layoffs at Time Inc.

I worked at Time for three years and bore first hand witness to the financial struggles of the company and saw many brilliant and highly esteemed colleagues let go.

Good luck to all Time Incers this week. The upside is the severance packages from Time Inc areBANANAS (I know folks who got full pay and health insurance for 6 months to a year but this may have changed). The downside is being thrown into an over-saturated job market with most of your career experience focused in a dying industry.

New Prince of Persia Trailer

This looks terrible.

Jake Gyllenhaal, why are you doing this? Should we expect you to pull a Nick Cage and destroy your career by making terrible film choices? Was Gerard Butler, Karl Urban or The Rock busy?

Also what's with the bad British accents?

As much is I love all things epic, fantastical and terrible (shout out to Kevin Sorbo) this looks just bad.