Monday, January 5, 2009

Why January is Shaping Up to be Awesome

Hey sorry everyone, I actually had some work to do for the past couple months but I'll try my very very best to update this blog on a daily basis .

To help kick the year off I want to highlight the things that make January 2009 incredible.



Oh sweet blessed television. I welcome the return of new episodes and the premiere of new shows with open arms. Here are the ones I am most excited about:

Lost - This show is the shit and for all the people who say "Meh I don't get it," or "I really never got in to it," here is a lil tip from me. Don't tell people that. Not watching Lost makes you either terrible or stupid (you pick which you are).

Okay j/k that's harsh and silly but it is by far the best scripted drama on television (until Mad Men comes back). So if you don't watch it, I recommend you get familiar with Netflix and gear up for season 5 on the 21st.

The City - This is so fake, but you know what, I don't care. Everyone is super cute, their clothes are real purrtty and they are thin and well lit. Also being from New York I have experienced both the fancy uptown social dinner parties and the downtown hipster club scene firsthand and I can let Whitney know now that both options suck but stick with the uptown rich kids because she has a better chance of marrying well once MTV stops writing the checks.

Gossip Girl - I can not wait to meet the love child of Rufus and Lilly (P.S. I totally called this MONTHS ago). Also I hope they kill Jenny off soon. Her plot line is terrible as is her hair.

A few honorable mention TV shows: Rock of Love Bus, Tool Academy, United States of Tara


We didn't return from holiday break until the 5th, I am on vacation from the 21-23 and then we have MLK day off so there are only 15 working days this month for me. Joy.



Oh yeah...
New year, new Mad Men calendar and BEHOLD I am welcomed into the new year with this picture of Don Draper being his smarmy incredibly good-looking self.



I have neither the funds or the credentials to travel to DC for the inauguration however I greatly look forward to the 20th when President Obama enters office. I wish him all the luck in the world as he faces extreme challenges as well as astronomical expectations.

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