Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Elvis Meatballs and Bacon

My good friend Lina recently graduated from living in sin and got married about a month ago.

She and her husband are super cool and quirky and instead of going on the typical Honeymoon to a tropical isle they took a road trip to Tennessee, a mecca for all those who love country music, Elvis and food that will stop your heart.

She came back with little gifts for all of us and here is what she said reminded her of me:



First off, bacon is nature's candy. As I have previously stated. Secondly any recipe that is an "Authentic Recipe from Graceland" must be really good. Thirdly the picture of Elvis is great because it's the young and attractive version of Elvis whose use of too much makeup and self-tanner led the way for people like Lindsay, Cristina and Paris.

I think I will try this recipe over the weekend and base its success on how long it takes my fiancee to eat all of it without sharing.

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