Thursday, June 5, 2008

Willed Into Existance By Racism and Funny Dave Chappelle Skit

One of my favorite Dave Chappelle stand-up bits where he talks about black folks not consuming juice but rather fruit flavored "drank."

"What the fuck is juice? I want some grape drank baby"

Dave's deepest dreams/fears came true today in an alternate form when the Village Voice reports on a new product called "Drank" billed as an "anti-energy drink" or "the extreme relaxation beverage." The product is being marketed to Urban audiences (of course) and the company claims that it is been selling out in places like Houston--the land of syzzurp and chopped and screwed.


Now this is either one of the most racist (lazy black people made even lazier) or stupid (I really want something to make me tired and lethargic). Maybe a combination of both.

Either way peep the Chappelle clip and chuckle.

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