Monday, June 16, 2008

Kanye West-- He Man Woman Hater???

I sometimes have a love hate relationship with Kanye West. Love the talent, the passion, the creativity. Hate the ego, and constant tantrums.

Regardless of this, I do enjoy reading his personal blog. I love his take on fashion and interior design and because I am sometimes ambivalent about his public persona, I love reading the blog to get direct personal insight from the man himself.

I've been a pretty loyal reader for the last six or seven months but in the last few weeks, since his separation from Alexis, the tone of the site has gone from art/fashion/music critique to a little to Maxim for my taste. Now I know Kanye is a man but I can't front that I am a little disappointed that so much of his coverage is dedicated to pictures of sexy girls and one of your blog titles compares a car to a "sexy model bitch." Kanye you are better than this. Misogyny doesn't become you. Leave that to the other rappers and focus on what you do best, being innovative and going beyond stereotypes.



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itsbritneybitch said...

I was totally noticing that as well. I think he is hoping one of the models will be flattered and hit it.