Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Hey peeps. So I KIND of have a lot of work to do today so apologies for the slow updates, but I had to post on this awesome Jezebel piece where the ladies, Jessica and Slut Machine (my hero), pay a visit to American Apparel.

Now for anyone over a size two who has ever been depressed when trying on clothing here you are not alone. The clothing is well made but soooo unflattering on the average woman. Jezebel referred to the clothing as "aggressively unflattering" and also had this amazing headline for the post: "American Apparel Will Make You Look Like A Fat Hooker" (very true). Check out the video HERE.

Now I don't want to jump on the anti American Apparel bandwagon but unless you are shopping for t-shirts, hoodies or cardigans I strongly caution against shopping here. Before you pick up that spandex jersey dress think of what Tim Gunn would say. Think of all the flattering fabrics, colors and cuts that COMPLEMENT your lady lumps and put down that leotard and take your ass you Zara.

P.S. Dear Gawker Media, can you PLEASE make your videos easily embeddable?


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