Thursday, January 3, 2008


Wednesday night is reality TV night in my household and last night Bravo did not disappoint with a new episode of the always fabulous "Project Runway" and the new series "Make Me a SuperModel."

Let's get to the recaps:

Last night's Project Runway challenge asked the designers to create garments out of materials found at the Hersey's store in Times Square. The Heresy's product placement and incessant commercials were a little out of control even for Bravo, but overall it was a pretty good episode here are the highlights:

Tim waking up the contestants at 6AM : There is nothing worse than millions of people seeing what you look like first thing in the morning. Poor Kit with the crazy bed head and no bra, and was Kevin naked because the camera did not pan down past his waist. Also I really wish we had been given a close up of Christian to see what that hair looks like in the morning. I mean does it stick up at even crazier angles, does it fall flat, does he sleep with maybe curlers and a doo rag? I guess the world will never know.

Chris as the stereotypical fat dude : Yes Chris is a big guy but does he really have to do things like fall asleep and snore loudly with his mouth open and behind the scenes during the judge's deliberations did he have to scarf down candy bars?

The designs : I have to give the designers props for turning out really well made creative garments out of candy materials. I really loved Rami's piece. Incredibly creative and detailed and he deserved to win the challenge. I predict him as this year's winner.

Tim Gunn : Tim had THE best line of this night where he looked at Sweet Pea's garment and said (imagine Tim's voice) "What is this a skirt? It looks like a coffee filter or a maxi pad." Oh I fall in love with him more and more each week.


Last night Bravo also premiered the new series "Make Me a Supermodel"which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a mix of America's Next Top Model and American Idol but better because there is no Tyra (sorry Ty Ty I'm a little pissed at you for rigging this season's competition), there were legit industry experts involved in the judging process and Tyson Beckford is one the co-hosts and he is smoking hot. Nikki Tyler was the other co-host but her face looked kinda weird and bloated. Here are my faves out of the models that we were introduced to:

I loved her. Really beautiful, fierce walk (God am I really saying FIERCE?) and great Polaroids. As long as she doesn't fuck up completely she should have this competition in the bag.


This is a really horrible photo of her. I have no idea why these promotional pics made her look like a drag queen but she has lots of potential and Tyson was totally eye fucking her the entire episode.


Completely obnoxious but one of the most beautiful men I have seen in a long time. Is the real life version of Derek Zoolander with a Latin accent.


Last but not least I love Ben because he is a small town sheriff who showed up to the audition with scars and bite marks from dealing with local drunks and meth freaks.


I'll probably watch this show every week and MAYBE actually go online to vote for my favorites. Who were yours?

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