Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mini Horses Rock Reebucks

Did you know that mini horses can function in the same capacity as seeing eye dogs?

Do you also know that they make shoes for mini horses?


Seriously--peep the "Reebucks" and Cowboy Boots. What no Dunks? And perhaps a stiletto for the sassy mini horse on a special occasion.




Hey Ladies!!!!

Get in line, they're single now.



Video of The Day -- 80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night


Monday, April 21, 2008

Vote 2008!!!

I can't vote (foreign and all) but if I could, I would absolutely vote for Barack Obama.

Because of my appreciation for Mr. Obama I wanted to highlight the following video featuring my new girl crush Zoe Kravitz (who has a pretty decent voice) that definitely is trying to get the Latino's on board . Come on mi gente make it happen.

Chirs Angel Paper Doll

I bet you didn't know that something like this existed. I have to admit that I have a weird crazy lady fondness for paperdolls (Peter Pan complex) and I have a 13 year old sister so I have been to Stardolls before but never have I seen the paper doll of Chris Angel. Most disturbing is the rippling musculature (abs and calves. ewww) and the black toe nail polish.



April 21st--Best Day Ever???

Why is April 21st so amazing.? Let me count the ways:

1. Gossip Girl is back tonight

2. Pope watch 2008 is finally over and we can return to regularly scheduled programming

3. Today is the Boston Marathon so Mass General Hospital should be prepared to deal with binge drinking undergrads

4. Free pizza and guitar hero competition at work today

5. And yeah! It's my birthday!!!! Holler


Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday

I don't remember Teeny Little Super Guy being such a smart ass

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Product Review -- Shout Wipes


I'm a bit of a slob and in the midst of my overzealous appreciation for my iced coffee and munchkins I spilled coffee all over my nice white shirt and I have to go a fancy fashion thingy tonight :-(

Ah ha!! I busted out some Shout Wipes, that I have on hand at my desk to deal with these types of sloppy bitch moments, and lo and behold they actually work.

I give these wipes "three snaps up in Z formation" for saving me from myself.


Just Because

Feeling MAJOR cabin fever today. It's sunny, 70 degrees and I'm stuck in the office. The internets have no fun news (biggest story today is the death of Martha Stewart's dog) and I'm broke. What is a girl to do to cheer herself up? Oh I know! Perhaps enjoy a classic scene from Saved By The Bell.

This video reminds me--I recently tried watching Showgirls (on VH1 natch) and that movie is fucking horrible. Like bad bad not good bad. The big take away from the few minutes that I did watch was how bad the clothing was. I know it was the 90's and Nomi Malone was trampy AND it was set in Vegas but good lord. There were a particularly horrid pair of tight, acid wash, high waisted jeans that she wore but dammit I can't find a picture and it's taking too long to get a good screen grab.

Speaking of Liz Berkley, how tragically ironic is it that she is the host of Step Up and Dance (one of the few Bravo shows I can't be bothered to watch)? Maybe they were hoping it would be a bit tongue in cheek but actually it's pretty lame. My friend also shared this recent promotional photo of her where she appears to have transformed into a light skinned black woman. It's like the opposite of Michael Jackson.


Photo Source

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blast from the Past--Patra

Does anyone remember Patra? Oh you don't...well then consider your memory refereshed


Why the hell do these pictures even exist?

Topless Steve Harvey makes me uncomfortable beyond words.



For more zesty old man flexing

Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Much?

If you ever wanted Barack Obama's face hovering over your crotch it's your lucky day.

You can buy an Ohhh-Bama thong for $12.99 (plus shipping and handling) and have the future Commander-in-Chief (sorry Hills) smiling up from your lady parts.


Personally I think it's too much, but I know some people who would appreciate it.



So my weekday morning routine generally incorporates watching the local news followed by a mix of Maury Povich and MTV.

Well this morning on MTV I encountered the following video by "Shwayze" featuring Cisco Adler singing the hook. Garbage song, garbage video and what kind of goddamn name is Shwayze?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hot Guys From The 90's That I Wanted To Do When I Was Underaged, But Wouldn't Touch Now -- 3

It's a slow day today so I think I'll take advantage by doing a new installation of Hot Guys From The 90's That I Wanted To Do When I Was Underaged, But Wouldn't Touch Now.

This time we are focusing on the "talented" multi-hyphenate Jared Leto.

Back in August of 1994, ABC premiered My So Called life, a coming of age drama starring Claire Danes that was canceled after one critically acclaimed season and since then has achieved a cult following. Each week we tuned in to see the trials and tribulations of Angela Chase and more importantly we tuned in to pine over the dreamy Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano.



Damn he was hot.

Hot and stupid--which describes a number of guys I have dated so the attraction makes sense.

Also the fact that he dated the plain/average looking Angela Chase, gave girls like me hope that we could have a chance with the hot guy at school (hahahaha I laugh at myself in retrospect).

Flash forward 14 years and where do we find Jared Leto now?

Well he managed to maintain some level of pop-culture presence although he never has been a household name. He has had a few notable roles in films such as Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream and Alexander -- however his biggest mark on Hollywood to date may be his penchant for fucking barely legal starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Olsen.

Also what I think completely negates his humpability (aside from the fact that he exchanged bodily fluids with Lindsay Lohan) is the fact that he turned into a weird emo douchebag.

Example 1:
See any "30 Seconds to Mars" video

Example 2:
Picking a fight with Elijah Wood at the MTVU Woodie Award. Seriously--please subtract 50 cool points for fighting with Frodo Baggins. Plus how could you even consider blackening these baby blue eyes.



And the final reason why Leto is no longer doable...................



Also for shits and giggles, I know fans of the My So Called Life remember the moment when Jordan held Angela's hand in the hallway, so here is a lil video tribute. Swoon

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blindness Trailer!

Jose Saramago's novel Blindness is one of my favorite books. Blindness is the tale of an unexplained epidemic of blindness that breaks out in a modern city. The story centers around a small group of individuals, one of whom is a woman who seems to be the only person immune to the outbreak and retains her vision throughout the course of evens. The book is a really fascinating, and frankly terrifying, look at what happens when the rules and laws of society break down and the most base human instincts and will to survive emerge.

Today, imagine my joy at discovering that the trailer for the film adaptation of Blindness has premiered. The film stars Julienne Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Gael Garcia Bernal (whose character is NOT a nice guy). The film is directed by Fernando Meirelles who gave us City of God and the superb film The Constant Gardener. I gotta say I am excited about this one Meirelles may do it right.

Exclusive: 'Blindness' Trailer
Exclusive: 'Blindness' Trailer

Friday, April 4, 2008

Product Review -- Heineken Light

My co-worker and I:

Kim (5:53:49 PM): thoughts on the light heineken?
Brian (5:54:01 PM): bland
Kim (5:54:04 PM): yeah
Kim (5:54:08 PM): its missing that tang at the end
Brian (5:54:13 PM): exactly
Kim (5:54:17 PM): who bought light beer????
Brian (5:54:18 PM): i like tasting the rivers of amsterdam
Kim (5:54:22 PM): lol
Kim (5:54:24 PM): exactly
Kim (5:54:30 PM): can i quote you?
Brian (5:54:34 PM): of course

The End

Video of The Day -- The Race Draft

Happy Friday....

Enjoy this classic clip from The Chappelle Show. Aww Dave so damn funny and Mos Def is hilarious here.

Socialite Slapdown

Calling all my Vogue, NY Mag, and New York Social Diary Readers...

Head over to to play The New York Observer's bracket and vote on your favorite socialite.

The player who comes closest to predicting the results of the entire tournament has the opportunity to win a Gervill designer watch--although I would much rather get an invite to next year's Costume Institute Ball.

Random aside, but I'd like to see the gorgeous Miss Zoe Kravitz take her place on the New York social scene but the first step would be for her to never wear these run over shoes again.


Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I was thinking of taking my little sister to the Murakami exhibit this weekend at the Brooklyn museum but then I saw this piece from the exhibit and I feel like I may have to do some uncomfortable explanations of the birds and the bees:



Zock On

Dope Bjork Video

So I'm a Bjork fan. I totally did her strange Icelandic Bjokrness.

For the new single 'Wanderlust' off of her album Volta she is releasing a crazy CG video that will be available via DVD in 3D.

You can find versions of the video at a number of sites but go here to see a really sleek high def version. It takes FOREVER to load but it's worth it to see the visuals. If you don't have the patience check it below:

Just Because




Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ThunderCats Live Action Film

Yesterday one of my co-workers played an April Fools Day prank by (briefly) tricking us into thinking that there was an upcoming full length ThunderCats film. This was particularly cruel since 90% of my office was born between the years of 1978 and 1985 and all spent part of their childhood shouting "ThunderCats Ho!" and were REALLY geeked about a possible film.

The irony of this is if there actually was a new ThunderCats film it will ultimately suck if past examples of, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Underdog, Josie and The Pussycats and Rocky and Bullwinkle, have been any indicator of how Hollywood can completely bastardize a classic.

But this got me thinking--If there WERE to be a live action ThunderCats film who would I cast in each role? Here are my selections:

Lion-O — The leader, and the hereditary ‘Lord’ of the ThunderCats


Played By: Gerard Butler. Based on what we saw in 300 he is the only man in Hollywood with the thighs necessary to pull off Lion-O's unitard.


Panthro - The eldest living member of the Thundercats, is a mechanical wizard and engineering genius.


Played By: Michael Clarke Duncan. Is there any doubt that Panthro was a big black man? The bald head, deep voice and the fact that he is a mechanic gave it away. Little known fact, Panthro smokes Newport cigarettes.


Tygra — A staunch, level-headed warrior, based on the tiger, Tygra is known as the ThunderCat architect and scientist.


Played By: Owen Wilson. America now is your chance to see the Butter Scotch Stallion show his prowess. Wilson will exhibit his true acting skills by playing against type.


Cheetara - A female warrior, based on the cheetah, who is the only adult female ThunderCat. Cheetara is the fastest of the Thundercats.


Played By: Jessica Biel. We haven't seen Jessica since her role in The Illusionist and like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel is probably looking for a childhood franchise to bastardize. Also have you seen her arms? She is totes is ripped enough to believably play an action hero.


WilyKat and WilyKit — Twin siblings, (Kat the boy, and Kit the girl) who are the youngest members of the ThunderCat team.


Played By: Zach Efron and Hayden Panettiere. Both sassy and compact.


Jaga — Known as “Jaga the Wise”, based on the jaguar, this elder warrior was once regarded as the greatest of all ThunderCats.


Played By: Will Ferrell. In an effort to transition into more serious roles and also continue to establish himself as a box office draw, Ferrell will play the sage ThunderCat elder. He will also train and get into ridiculous shape for the role not realizing that his character does not have to actually wear revealing costumes.


Snarf - Snarf served as a nursemaid and protector for Lion-O when he was a boy. After Lion-O grew up, Snarf found that often Lion-O didn’t want to have him ‘mothering’ or protecting him. Still, Snarf has remained loyal to Lion-O and the other ThunderCats.


Played By: Knut The Polar Bear. This role will be ideally played by the cute baby Knut before he went through his awkward adolescent phase and went feral and insane.


Mumm-Ra the Ever Living - The primary nemesis of the Thundercats, this slave to the Ancient Spirits of Evil has survived for thousands of years on Third Earth. He possesses incredible magical powers, and is also the wielder of the awesome Sword of Plunda.


Played By: Rachel Zoe. Casting Rachel in the role is based on the obvious physical resemblance and the ability to strike fear in the hearts of others.



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

America's Next Top Blahhhh

Is anyone else completely over this season of ANTM? I try but I can't muster up the energy to watch.

No More Rick Rolling

I know it's April Fools day but I swear if I hear "Never Gonna Give You Up" one more time I'm gonna kill myself.

Next year Internet pranksters may I recommend using another 90's classic? How about something from Amber or LaBouche or even some Haddaway? All equally as effective in terms of delivering on your euro-techno, Jock Jams needs and less stab inducing than Astley.

Video of The Day

Can Someone Explain Morrissey?

I consider myself relatively hip and in the know. I love and appreciate all types of music so I find myself at a loss whenever I encounter a Morrissey reference and draw a blank.

I know he has legions of devoted fans but his music pretty much sounds like the soundtrack to a mopey mid-90's teen flick.


(Side note: Is anyone from the cast of The Craft currently working? Yes I'm talking to you Neve Campbell, Robin Tuney, Skeet Ulrich, Rachel True, and Fairuza Balk)

For the two people that read this blog maybe one of you is a fan. Please explain..!!..!!!


Remember When?

Please pour a little liquor in remembrance for Lauren Hill in her sane days. She was so beautiful and talented and made little brown girls with nappy hair feel good about themselves. Man ladies let this all be a cautionary tale--stay away from Jamaican men they make you crazy.


Here is the throw back video for your enjoyment.

Also is anyone is a fan of Estelle? I love her song "American Boy" with Kanye.