Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Because

Feeling MAJOR cabin fever today. It's sunny, 70 degrees and I'm stuck in the office. The internets have no fun news (biggest story today is the death of Martha Stewart's dog) and I'm broke. What is a girl to do to cheer herself up? Oh I know! Perhaps enjoy a classic scene from Saved By The Bell.

This video reminds me--I recently tried watching Showgirls (on VH1 natch) and that movie is fucking horrible. Like bad bad not good bad. The big take away from the few minutes that I did watch was how bad the clothing was. I know it was the 90's and Nomi Malone was trampy AND it was set in Vegas but good lord. There were a particularly horrid pair of tight, acid wash, high waisted jeans that she wore but dammit I can't find a picture and it's taking too long to get a good screen grab.

Speaking of Liz Berkley, how tragically ironic is it that she is the host of Step Up and Dance (one of the few Bravo shows I can't be bothered to watch)? Maybe they were hoping it would be a bit tongue in cheek but actually it's pretty lame. My friend also shared this recent promotional photo of her where she appears to have transformed into a light skinned black woman. It's like the opposite of Michael Jackson.


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