Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hot Guys From The 90's That I Wanted To Do When I Was Underaged, But Wouldn't Touch Now -- 3

It's a slow day today so I think I'll take advantage by doing a new installation of Hot Guys From The 90's That I Wanted To Do When I Was Underaged, But Wouldn't Touch Now.

This time we are focusing on the "talented" multi-hyphenate Jared Leto.

Back in August of 1994, ABC premiered My So Called life, a coming of age drama starring Claire Danes that was canceled after one critically acclaimed season and since then has achieved a cult following. Each week we tuned in to see the trials and tribulations of Angela Chase and more importantly we tuned in to pine over the dreamy Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano.



Damn he was hot.

Hot and stupid--which describes a number of guys I have dated so the attraction makes sense.

Also the fact that he dated the plain/average looking Angela Chase, gave girls like me hope that we could have a chance with the hot guy at school (hahahaha I laugh at myself in retrospect).

Flash forward 14 years and where do we find Jared Leto now?

Well he managed to maintain some level of pop-culture presence although he never has been a household name. He has had a few notable roles in films such as Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream and Alexander -- however his biggest mark on Hollywood to date may be his penchant for fucking barely legal starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Olsen.

Also what I think completely negates his humpability (aside from the fact that he exchanged bodily fluids with Lindsay Lohan) is the fact that he turned into a weird emo douchebag.

Example 1:
See any "30 Seconds to Mars" video

Example 2:
Picking a fight with Elijah Wood at the MTVU Woodie Award. Seriously--please subtract 50 cool points for fighting with Frodo Baggins. Plus how could you even consider blackening these baby blue eyes.



And the final reason why Leto is no longer doable...................



Also for shits and giggles, I know fans of the My So Called Life remember the moment when Jordan held Angela's hand in the hallway, so here is a lil video tribute. Swoon

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