Friday, September 26, 2008

Mad Men Personal Marathon This Weekend

Trying to cram in all of Season One this weekend so I can start watching Season Two and finally be able to keep up with the cool kids


What does your faithfull blogger and Liz Lemon have in common?

A mutual love of chic yet affordable handbags!!!



I did some quick research and found that Liz Lemon's character makes would make about $1 million dollars a year.

My salary is just slightly lower, and by slightly I mean I make about a 5th of that (I'm rich beeotches).

So either Liz Lemon is living cheap or I am living waaay above my means.

One of the Worst People Ever

For some unknown reason Carrot Top was granted prime air-time on the largest local morning news program in the number 1 market in the country.

No I do not know why.

It didn't seem like he was promoting anything but he did a wonderful job at the following:

- Being completely frightening in appearance.

- Being Racist

- Being Sexist

- Not being funny

Feel free to join the "I really do hate you Carrot Top" Facebook Group

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Way to Bury the Lead

Everyone is talking about this week's wonderfully clever Entertainment Weekly cover.


Yet no one is talking about Jon Stewart's delicate feet.


Do you think Colbert's prior dance training (see the video below) left him with busted feet, hence the need for him to be the "Michelle" and cover up his toes?

Unnecessary Things: Baby Phat Scrubs

I mean, okay, sure--health workers want to be fashionable and scrubs aren't the hippest things but this is completely ridiculous.

Baby Phat scrubs, seriously!!??


Call me when Marc Jacobs starts making a line of hardhats.

Is It Friday Yet????


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lessons in Ghetto Foods

If you have ever spent time in an inner-city area you are well aware of the fact that foods in these communities defy traditional conventions.

For example as I have covered previously juice is not predominant, instead you are apt to find "drink," as in Grape Drink or Orange Drink.


Also things like pork rinds and a blue soda are considered breakfast foods.

I have recently discovered that hood snacks are expanding in to not so hood areas.

The other day at work I got a bag of chips to go with my homemade sammy. I went to the store and grabbed a bag. I didn't really read the flavor but they looked spicy and delicious--definitely worth a try.

It wasn't until after I ate them that I noticed the actual flavor listed as "Red Hot Flavor," meaning that the flavor is named after a color and not an actual flavor which is the first sign you are eating a hood meal.


I applaud you Utz Food Company for brining your ghetto snacks to the masses in the West Village where yuppies can have the opportunity to poison their bodies with artificial flavors and high sodium content.


(Which is actually another brand of ghetto chips that I don't think has made the mainstream transition as yet)

If you can think of any more ghetto foods that you come across please share in the comments.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes Season 3 Premiere Review




I feel bad for the "actress" in this video. Being a video chick is extra tough when having to rub up against gremlin-eque Price wanna-bes.

These beads in his hair offend me to the core.

From Crunk and Disorderly.

Will Ferrell Answers The Tough Questions

See more Will Ferrell videos at Funny or Die

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can Not Deal With This EXTREME Cuteness

I think my head just exploded from the adorable factor.

I think I may have to break down and get a pup this year.

Friday, September 19, 2008


pimp your myspace

Peace out Kathryn!

Today at work we bid farewell to my homeslice Kathryn (aka Katrina, aka Kathy, aka Salt).


Cristin at Eat Free Cake did an excellent tribute to Kathryn and I was jealous that I didn't think of it first so I copied her and decided to do a post as well. (mine probably won't be as good and I'm okay with that)

Anywho, here are the things that I will miss:

Scatting Skillz:
For some reason very soon after she arrived at Deep Focus Kathryn admitted that she loved Randy Newman and that she also was very good at Jazz Scatting. These revelations should have doomed her a complete loser but alas, she was kind of awesome.

See examples of the skills here (first 10 seconds)

Supermodel Skillz:
Tyra would be proud of Kathryn's ability to create wind as she works the catwalk. (Shout out to Ariel in the video)

Crazy Dance Skillz:
In an effort to remain friends with her I am not going to post the infamous dance-off video but suffice to say, Kallet gets busy on the dance floor. With moves similar to this:

Kathryn we will miss you and things won't be the same without you.

Instead of seeing you everyday I guess I will have to cope with seeing you every week at dance class, every other week at Antarctica, at various birthday parties, on Duke's roof-deck, at Cory's apartment, at karaoke and as someone's plus one at the holiday party.

So clearly I will never see you again.

Go forth and sell shit and make sure you invite us to the sponsored happy hours and not just the Media folks because they don't drink until they loose control and where is the fun in that?

Tender Forever,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Not Sure Why This Exists

It's a blow-up slide shaped like a giant penis.

The Triumphant Return of Madchen Amick

Madchen Amick was hot shit back in the day.

She was like the second coming of Linda Fiorentino but with more girl next door accessibility.

She stared in a few wonderful erotic dramas in the 90s including the incredible Dream Lover which co-starred James Spader in all his sexy/sleazy glory.


She also appeared some wonderful night time soaps including Central Park West and had a three episode stint on Dawson's Creek.

We haven't heard much from Madchen until last week when she re-emerged as Catherine The Duchess on Gossip Girl where she is totes doing it all the time with Nate AND also seems to be becoming his pimp as he sets off on a path of man-whoredom.


I salute you Madchen. I look forward to your character starting mad beef and hopefully parlaying your success on Gossip Girl to a B- movie role where you get to make out with Julian McMahon.