Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lessons in Ghetto Foods

If you have ever spent time in an inner-city area you are well aware of the fact that foods in these communities defy traditional conventions.

For example as I have covered previously juice is not predominant, instead you are apt to find "drink," as in Grape Drink or Orange Drink.


Also things like pork rinds and a blue soda are considered breakfast foods.

I have recently discovered that hood snacks are expanding in to not so hood areas.

The other day at work I got a bag of chips to go with my homemade sammy. I went to the store and grabbed a bag. I didn't really read the flavor but they looked spicy and delicious--definitely worth a try.

It wasn't until after I ate them that I noticed the actual flavor listed as "Red Hot Flavor," meaning that the flavor is named after a color and not an actual flavor which is the first sign you are eating a hood meal.


I applaud you Utz Food Company for brining your ghetto snacks to the masses in the West Village where yuppies can have the opportunity to poison their bodies with artificial flavors and high sodium content.


(Which is actually another brand of ghetto chips that I don't think has made the mainstream transition as yet)

If you can think of any more ghetto foods that you come across please share in the comments.