Friday, September 19, 2008

Peace out Kathryn!

Today at work we bid farewell to my homeslice Kathryn (aka Katrina, aka Kathy, aka Salt).


Cristin at Eat Free Cake did an excellent tribute to Kathryn and I was jealous that I didn't think of it first so I copied her and decided to do a post as well. (mine probably won't be as good and I'm okay with that)

Anywho, here are the things that I will miss:

Scatting Skillz:
For some reason very soon after she arrived at Deep Focus Kathryn admitted that she loved Randy Newman and that she also was very good at Jazz Scatting. These revelations should have doomed her a complete loser but alas, she was kind of awesome.

See examples of the skills here (first 10 seconds)

Supermodel Skillz:
Tyra would be proud of Kathryn's ability to create wind as she works the catwalk. (Shout out to Ariel in the video)

Crazy Dance Skillz:
In an effort to remain friends with her I am not going to post the infamous dance-off video but suffice to say, Kallet gets busy on the dance floor. With moves similar to this:

Kathryn we will miss you and things won't be the same without you.

Instead of seeing you everyday I guess I will have to cope with seeing you every week at dance class, every other week at Antarctica, at various birthday parties, on Duke's roof-deck, at Cory's apartment, at karaoke and as someone's plus one at the holiday party.

So clearly I will never see you again.

Go forth and sell shit and make sure you invite us to the sponsored happy hours and not just the Media folks because they don't drink until they loose control and where is the fun in that?

Tender Forever,

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