Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why Oddcast is Amazing

If you aren't familiar with Oddcast it's a technology that allows consumers to create customized animated avatars by uploading a photo into an video environment.

We can thank Oddcast for this cool site which allows you to commit a friend to the Arkham Asylum, a promotion that was tied to the release of The Dark Knight.

For my money the most incredible use of Oddcast technology to date is this:


Basically you take a photo of a pet, type in text and the pet then recites the text in a variety of voices.

Ummm this is more fun than it should be. I used the famous Sugar Bush (If you don't know who Sugar Bush is I suggest you go here immediately) and envisioned what Sugar Bush would say to her owner if she could talk:

Click here: Example A


Click here: Example B


Okay you now have my permission to waste time at work.

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