Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sneak Peek: Terrence Howard's Album

Um didn't you know?

Terrence Howard is releasing an album, set to hit stores September 2.

Yeah this guy:


I got a sneak peek at some of the upcoming tracks:

Track 1: Ode to baby wipes
Track 2: I'm picking a fight will Bill Cobsy
Track 3: No I've never been with a man before, why do you ask?

Bonus Track: Real men carry purses

To HEAR some of the songs on his album visit I caution you to avoid listening to this while consuming food or drink as it may possibly shoot out of your nose while you laugh.

Terrence, sorry to talk shit dude, you are a good actor but kind of a weirdo and definitely not a singer.


itsbritneybitch said...

Seriously tho, the baby wipes thing is a good idea.

Kim said...

Not really. After peeing you do not need a baby wipe.

Channah said...

Yeah, he's a nutter.

Renee said...

yes he is a good actor but that is where it stops..why can't actors learn that singing isn't for everyone?