Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blast From The Past: Classic 90's Sitcoms

I'm feeling in a bit of nostalgic mood so I wanted to pay tribute to the opening theme songs of some classic 90's sitcoms. Some similarities to note:
  • The use of jazzy piano riffs
  • Raspy soulful singing (clearly by white folks)
  • Saxophone
Full House:
This song is a classic blue eyed soul jam. Also the video will remind you what unattractive children the Olsens were.

Step By Step:
I think this may be the same guy singing. Also this intro reminded me of how much this show actually kinda sucked.

Family Matters:
Ahh how can you not love this show? ABC's attempt to fill the respectable Black family on TV gap left by the Cosby show. Again I think its the same guy singing and this one has a great example of the shitty jazz piano riff. Man remember Waldo Faldo?

Embed code not available but check it out here.

Amazingly this intro theme is ALL saxophone

Perfect Strangers:
This jam is smooth yet epic. The show was excellent as well. I implore someone to turn this into a feature film. It would be a hit. I mean who wouldn't appreciate 90 minutes of hijinks with Larry and Balki

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