Monday, January 10, 2011

Film Review of the Day: Country Strong via Videogum

Thanks to Lina for sharing this review of "Country Strong" from Videogum.

A bit of math.

Videogum is hilarious + Country Song is clearly garbage = Reviews that contain lines like this:

"I’m no fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. As a human being, and even as a celebrity, which is a particularly weird strain of human being, I find her to be completely insufferable."

"Can we all agree that between Tron 2.0 and Country Strong, Garret Hedlund has set new speed records in terms of establishing himself as one of the least charismatic and awful actors ever? "

"Despite the movie’s title, and its numerous musical set pieces, and the very terrible accents everyone talks in, not a single aspect of country music is explored. They might as well be lounge singers, or a Bushwick noise act, or Stomp. It doesn’t matter. The movie takes place in hotels and in vans and the anonymous cinder block walls of a concert venue’s dressing room."

Sounds about right. 

Full review here:

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