Friday, July 16, 2010

A few thoughts on Old Spice

I won't go into too much detail on campaign specifics as they have been written about extensively over the past week, but I did want to share what I think is a less obvious, but still huge, success of the campaign--the fact that P&G was willing to let Wieden+Kennedy just take their idea and run with it. 

These videos were being produced real time with no client intervention or laborious approval process. (Read Write Wed has full details on how it was done

Props to W+K for convincing  P&G to let you do a digital campaign at a digital pace and good for P&G for actually trusting your agency to do good, innovative work while maintaining your interests. 

Fingers crossed for agency folk that we can use this an an example for clients to demonstrate how having a little trust can reap huge rewards (just don't do anything to screw it up.)

P.S.- Seriously how cute is Isaiah Mustafa and how cool is it that an old timey product like Old Spice lets a black dude serve as the face of their brand? 

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